I am well aware that I am overweight and I have been trying to lose weight since i was 17 and i am now 19. I am exactly 199.6lbs (90.5kg), I am 5’2″ (157.5cm). I don’t look obese or extremely overweight, i just look sort of chunky. I work out 3 times a week, i drink enough water (my skin is doing great!), my doctors has me on phentermine and with some B12 shots, i count my calories, and eat healthy!!!
Over the last 2 years I have only lost 13lbs (~6kg~). I have no idea what my BMI is and i don’t know where to get it checked. I have been checked for hormonal issues and blood stuff, and everything is 100% healthy- i dont even have high blood sugar or cholesterol! I am at my wits end with this, I don’t want to be insanely skinny, i just want to get between 160lbs and 170lbs, but nothing is working or helping!!
I cant work out more than 3 times a week because my schedule is jam packed with school. I do cardio and aerobic work outs. What should I do? my dad says to drink lemon/lime juice :S