The increase in knowledge concerning cardiac disease, stroke and hypertension indicates that people understand the ramifications of poor diet, but fail to practice sensible dietary choices.

Weight loss and weight gain is simple; when you work off more calories than you take on board, weight loss results. Lets make it even simpler. Count the calories in the food that you eat.

Then, count the calories that you expend in exercise and general activity. If your calorie activity outstrips your caloric food intake, you lose weight. In this article we will discuss the mathematical simplicity of weight loss and weight gain. Negative calorie weight loss is a sound method of weight loss. There are however, factors that can frustrate caloric weight loss.

Health issues, pregnancy, emotional eating, and eating disorders, are but a few of the factors that impact your ability to maintain a negative calorie weight loss program. Weight loss is challenging to many. Some have even tried to find that magic pill.

Others have used surgery. Still others have tried to use food itself. For instance, there is a school of thought that believes certain foods have a negative impact on calories. The belief is that it takes more calories to convert the calories in the food into energy. In other words, these conversion…

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